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Seac 3.5mm Dry Seal High Stretch Premium Neoprene Diving Gloves

SKU 217861-05
Completely waterproof SCUBA gloves. Made from 3.5mm super-stretch neoprene.
Liquid Seal on the seams, AquaStop around the ring seal and a Glideskin inner ring ensures the SEAC Dry Seal SCUBA Gloves are completely waterproof. Made using 3.5mm super-stretch neoprene for a comfortable skintight grip, these gloves use Thermal Fiber Plush in the inner lining to keep your hands warm. Palms are reinforced with rubber-coated cut-resistant material for a firm grip.Completely waterproof SCUBA gloves
Made from 3.5mm super-stretch neoprene
Rubber-coated cut-resistant palms
Warm inner lining of Thermal Fiber Plush
Liquid Seal seams and ring seal AquaStop system