Seac 3mm Ghost Jacket For Freediving and Spearfishing

SeacSKU: 218592-06

Color: Blue Camo
Sale price$185.00 USD


  • 3mm Ultrastretch Neoprene
  • Men’s jacket 
  • Incorporated hood
  • Chest pad
  • For spearfishing and freediving

The Seac Ghost Jacket for men is made of 3mm super stretch neoprene. A wetsuit jacket has a built-in hood, scratch-proof Powertex forearm guard, beavertail closure with a double clip toggle, and a Melco tape chest pad.
The Seac Ghost men’s jacket is glued and blind stitched. The spearfishing men’s jacket has coated fabric outside and an open-cell interior.

  • Invisible like a Ghost underwater. Seac Ghost is designed to disguise spearfisher, make him invisible during the hunt in azure seawater.
  • Anatomic cut. This men’s spearfishing jacket has a performed cut on the arms and back. 3mm ultra-stretch neoprene fits snugly and doesn’t hinder your movements.
  • Aquastop. SSRS – super-stretch round seal around the face and wrists protects you from water seepage.

Buy Seac Ghost Man’s Jacket for spearfishing and freediving in warm or temperate water. This wetsuit jacket is designed for men. An incorporated hood enhances your aerodynamics.

Product Highlights:

  • Wetsuit jacket for spearfishing and freediving in warm or temperate water
  • Designed for men
  • 3mm Ultrastretch Neoprene
  • Built-in hood
  • Melco tape chest pad
  • Scratch-proof Powertex forearm guard
  • Beavertail closure with a double clip toggle
  • Glued and blind stitched
  • Coated fabric outside and open-cell interior
  • Anatomic cut in arms and back
  • Aquastop system
  • Blue camouflage

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