Seac DX200 Ice Scuba Diving Regulator

SeacSKU: 218636-02

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For diving in cold water, you need this top-drawer DX200 Ice Regulator from SEAC. In extremely demanding the conditions, the DX200 Ice delivers excellent performance. The balanced-diaphragm, cold water-ready first stage combines with a balanced second stage for rock solid performance throughout the dive. Second stage adjustments for breathing and inhalation effort are easy to make during the dive, even with gloved hands. The first stage valve and spring are environmentally isolated to inhibit icing using a double seal system. Years from now you will appreciate the removable stainless steel valve seat, easily replaced to extend the first stage service life. The forged brass first stage positions hoses ergonomically for low drag and minimal stress. The first stage has 2 high-pressure outlets and 4 low-pressure outlets: 2 inclined at 20 degrees and 2 at 30 degrees. The INT/Yoke Fitting is a standard around the world.

Top performance cold water-ready, balanced SCUBA regulator INT/Yoke;
Pneumatically Balanced Downstream Design;
Balanced Diaphragm 1st Stage Design, Sanded Chrome Plated Forged Brass Body;
Environmentally Sealed to Keep-Out Contaminates Construction: Techno-Polymer, Elastomers, w/Components in Metal  Cover w/Luxury Technology Treatment for Abrasion & Scratch;
Resistance Low-Friction Metal Components.

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