Sealife Sea Dragon 3000F Color Boost Photo-Video Light Head

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The Sea Dragon 3000F with Color Boost™ underwater photo-video light offers several exciting features.

To start, the light features a high-performance COB LED array, delivering 3000 lumens in a smooth 120° wide beam and offers a 90 CRI (color rendering index) that replicates natural sunlight.

With the addition of the newly patent pending SeaLife Color Boost™ mode, the light adds vivid colors to underwater photos and video. The Sea Dragon 3000 powers on at 3000 lumens of white light at 5000k (Kelvin) color temperature. When the SeaLife Color Boost™ is activated, the color temperature warms to 3700k, replenishing lost red colors for a balanced and colorful effect.   The effect is immediately noticeable, both to the eye and on your camera in photos or videos.

Another feature is the light’s large, knurled dial that allows the user to quickly power on the light and smoothly adjust brightness from 300 to 3000 lumens without steps or sudden changes in light intensity.  A simple push of the dial, switches the light from white-only to Color Boost mode. The light also offers a red-only stealth mode, which uses two red LEDs used for night dives without scaring sea creatures that are sensitive to bright light.

The Sea Dragon 3000 also features emergency signal modes that will flash a SOS signal or 1- second blinking light for 20+ hours at full brightness intensity. The 3000F Color Boost™ is lighter and smaller than its 5000+ Color Boost™ sibling and uses SeaLife’s proprietary 2-cell 3400 mAh lithium-ion battery.

High-performance 3000 Lumen Underwater Photo-Video Light with Color Boost

The Sea Dragon underwater photo-video light delivers 3000 lumens in a 120° wide beam without hotspots.  A 90 CRI (color rendering index) COB LED array simulates natural sunlight, allowing the user to capture vibrant colors and sharp details in underwater photos and videos.

The new patent pending SeaLife Color Boost™ mode combines specific red and white light frequencies, producing a warm and vibrant underwater color effect. Red is the first color in the visible light spectrum filtered out by water.  The light’s Color Boost feature replenishes the lost red for a balanced, warm color effect.

The new dial design delivers fast, intuitive power and brightness control.  Rotate to power on/off and adjust brightness.  Push the dial to switch between Color Boost and white light modes. Brightness can be smoothly and evenly adjusted from 300 to 3000 lumens without steps or clicks.  Adjusting the brightness in Color Boost mode maintains the color temperature of 3900K.

The light can be used as an emergency signaling device by pushing the dial down for 5 seconds.  Push and release the dial will switch between SOS, Blinking and Red-only modes.  The red-only mode is useful for night dives, so you won’t scare off light-sensitive sea creatures.  The SOS and Blinking modes has a 20+ run time with full battery charge.  Rotate the dial all the way counterclockwise to exit emergency signal mode and power off the light.

Includes a powerful 3400 mAh Li-ion battery with protected circuitry delivers 60-minute run time at full power. Easy to expand with Flex-Connect™ system of trays, grip and Flex Arm.


Single dial control for fast, easy operation. Rotate to power on/off and adjust brightness

Patent pending Color Boost™ mode replenishes the lost red for a warm, vivid color effect

Powerful 3000 lumens featuring Bridgelux Gen 8 Vero COB LED Array

60-minute run time at full power

Constant brightness – Regulated circuitry so light won’t dim with battery power.

90 Color Rendering Index (CRI) that mimics natural daylight.

Easy to expand with Flex-Connect™ trays, grip and flex arms

Quick-release button to detach light and aim in crevices and hard to reach areas

120° wide beam angle evenly illuminates the subject with no hot spots. 90° underwater

Emergency mode emits a blinking light or SOS signal to alert others of distress.

Stealth mode – Red-only won’t scare off night-time sea creatures

Depth rated to 330 ft (100m)

Removable 25Wh 3400 mAh Li-Ion battery w/ charger and international plug adapters included

Waterproof battery compartment protects internal electronics even if light accidentally floods

Mounting tray with universal ¼-20 screw fits all SeaLife and other brands

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