Sherwood Scuba K-Valve 3000PSI

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Recreational Scuba Diving K-Valve
Recreational Scuba Diving K-ValveKEY FEATURES:

- Exceeds CGA V9 standards for cylinder valves for compressed gases.
- Cycle tested 5000 times to exceed all real world applications.
- Engineered with high flow characteristics to maximize regulator performance.
- Valve design allows for easy and comfortable cylinder handling.
- Slant back hand wheel allows easy access.
- Positive hand wheel grip for easy identification of on/off direction.
- Designed with proven and readily available replacement valve parts.
- DOT approved burst disc assembly uses integrated disc and plug design.SPECIFICATIONS:Pressures:
3000PSI Service Pressure,
12,000PSI Test PressureTemperature ? Storage
Minimum: -65 F
Maximum: 155 FTemperature ? Operating
Minimum: -50 F
Maximum: 120 FCycle Tested
Minimum: 5000 Cycles, full pressure Nitrogen
Operating Torque @ 0 PSIG Inlet Pressure
1 ? 2 in. lb.
Closing Torque @ 2000 PSIG Inlet Pressure
2 ? 3 in. lbs.DIMENSIONS:
Overall Height: 3.875 in.
Overall Length Installed height: 2.875 in.
CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s)

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