Silva Ranger CL (Hi-Vis) Compass

SilvaSKU: 215106-A-1

Sale price$42.95 USD


  • 1-piece mirror with etched sighting line down the center
  • 2 degree graduations with luminous points for night use
  • Clinometer, map magnifier

Silva Ranger is a reliable, accurate and sturdy compass, trusted by many travellers and orienteering pros. It has a classic bezel, clear baseplate and a lid. A split mirror allows to take extremely accurate sights and facilitates navigation on distant landmarks. The declination scale is adjustable and can be set from the bottom of the compass to compensate for the true vs. magnetic variations. A clinometer is useful if you need to measure angles of inclination.

Such handy features as scales, magnifying lense and silicone feet make it easy and comfortable to use this compass with a map, while fluorescent dial, high contrast markings and luminous points aid with low-light navigation.

CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s)

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