Suunto MC-2/360/D/L/CM/IN/NH Compass

SuuntoSKU: 223393-03-A-1

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  • Baseplate Compass with Sighting Mirror
  • Adjustable Declination Setting
  • Luminous Dial and Sighting Points

Should you be looking for a reliable baseplate compass with a sighting mirror, Suunto MC-2 is a great option to consider. This particular model introduces a variety of useful functions, combined with classic Suunto accuracy and supreme construction quality. The body of this compass is clear and includes rulers in both imperial and metric units. The base plate includes a magnifying lens. A fold-up case will add extra protection the compass.

Thanks to the liquid filled cell, the tool is very precise and allows to take bearings quickly. What’s more, the two-zone needle compensates for the tilt and pivot motions. Those, who need to measure elevation angles will also find the built in inclinometer useful. All things considered, Suunto MC-2/360/D/L/CM/IN/NH compass is an accurate and durable instrument for active travellers and adventure seekers.

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