Therabody Wedge

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The Wedge attachment is uniquely designed for use on shoulder blades and IT bands and is commonly used for “scraping” and “flushing,” motions that help to flush lactic acid out of muscles.

Made of comfortable closed-cell PU foam
Easy to clean for a hygienic experience
Won’t absorb sweat, lotions, or oils
Compatible with PRO, Elite, Prime, mini, G3PRO, G3

Impact level 5/10
Medium Impact Level
The Wedge combines a thin wedge-like edge and medium impact level to treat the unique physiology of shoulder blades, and deliver the firm touch needed for efficient back-and-forth flushing and scraping along areas like the IT band.

Device Compatibility
4th Generation: PRO, Elite, Prime, mini
3rd Generation: G3PRO, G3

1.6 in x 2.3 in
(40 mm x 58 mm)

Closed-cell foam

0.6 oz
(18 g)

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