Trident Dive Slide Skin Lube Continuous Spray Lubricant for Ease of Entry into Wetsuits

Sale price$21.24 USD


Slide into your wetsuit in seconds with the Dive Slide Spray Skin Lubricant. This scent free, non-allergenic, high performance lube nurtures the neoprene, increasing the life and effectiveness of your suit. You can spray it directly on skin and/or wetsuit and remove it with the combination of soap & water. The lube will leave no unwanted residue.

  • Increases the life of suit;
  • Prevents neck chafing, friction & blistering;
  • Waterproof / sweat proof ;
  • Silky feel;
  • Fragrance free;
  • Clean even spray;
  • Safe on neoprene & spandex;
  • Spray directly on skin and/or wetsuit;
  • Remove with the combination of soap & water

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