XS Scuba 8mm Thug Dive Boots

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  • Hard molded sole 
  • High cut 
  • 8mm neoprene
  • Protective heel cap
  • Toe protector

The Interior surface is fully covered with 8mm neoprene on all panels including the sole, with additional arch support. 
The boots' exterior surface is laminated with high abrasion-resistant Ryno-Hide.

  • Built to last. These nylon ll neoprene rubber boots have glued and double blind stitched exterior and interior for strength and durability. Moreover, there is nylon edge binding at the top of the boot.
  • Excellent zipper system. The boots are equipped with a large #10-YKK zipper chain with YKK's best marine bronze zipper slider. The zipper is also equipped with a cold water dam, Velcro tab zipper retainer, and nylon zipper stops.
  • Maximum protection. These boots provide all of the protection needed for the feet. There are a heavy-duty molded rubber sole, a heel cap, and an extended toe protector covering the most vulnerable to injuries areas. Yet, this kind of protection will not hinder your movements.

Buy XS Scuba's 8 mm Thug Boots – extremely warm, well-built, and durable cold water dive boots.

Product Highlights:

  • Hard molded sole
  • High cut 
  • 8mm nylon ll neoprene
  • Ryno-Hide exterior lamination
  • Glued and double blind-stitched
  • Nylon edge binding
  • #10-YKK zipper chain
  • YKK zipper slider
  • Cold water dam
  • Velcro tab zipper retainer
  • Nylon zipper stops
  • Protective heel cap
  • Toe protector

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