XS Scuba Regulator Low Pressure Hoses

DIPNDIVESKU: 220596-01

Color: Black
Sale price$30.00 USD


Not all rubber hoses are created equally. Go with the quality difference and choose XS Scuba rubber hoses. Our hoses are designated with our logo on the fitting and a date code so you will know the history of the hose.

LP22 (22 in/56 cm/Black)
LP24 (24 in/61 cm/Black)
LP26 (26 in/66 cm/Black)
LP28 (28 in/71 cm/Black)
LP30 (30 in/76 cm/Black)
LP32 (32 in/81 cm/Black)
LP36 (36 in/91 cm/Black)
LP36YL (36 in/91 cm/Yellow)
LP40 (40 in/102 cm/Black)
LP40YL (40 in/102 cm/Yellow)
LP40GN (40 in/102 cm/Green)
LP60 (60 in/152 cm/Black)
LP84 (84 in/213 cm/Black)
CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s)

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