I'm Certified, What's Next for Me?


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Many people always ask what is there to do after they finish their open water certification class. The simple answer is a lot. The not so simple answer involves all of the many different courses that are offered after certification. The next step in anyone's progression is the advanced diver course.

Years ago the certification agencies used to call the advanced course Open water 2, to tell you the truth I like that name better than advanced, many people think when they hear advanced course that they need to be, well advanced in their diving. The truth is the advanced course is designed for newly certified divers wanting to learn how to dive their local area. In WNY we teach how to dive the Niagara River (our most popular dive), we teach how to navigate underwater with a compass, how to properly do a night dive and the last step is to teach how to do deeper, repetitive diving from a boat. Once someone has completed the modules they take home a multiple-choice test and upon passing they can order a new card that says Advanced Diver.

After completing the Advanced Diver course the next step is to undertake the Master Diver course. Divers attaining the status as master divers should truly be respected by their diving peers. The reason that this course is so different is that there is not only diving involved but a classroom lecture as well. The master diver course starts with the Responsible Diver Techniques module, this module is where a diver's skills are tested to make sure that they are on par for the course. The other modules include the Equipment Module, Search and Recovery, Deep and Decompression with a trip on Lake Erie and a Trip to Tobermory for a ride in the hyperbaric chamber. Once a diver passes the test for Master Diver they have truly earned the respect of their diving peers.

Other Courses that divers can take after being certified include Rescue, Ice diving, Solo Diver, Technical Courses, Drysuit courses and much more, throughout the next week I am going to touch on each of the courses.

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