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The other day I realized that I've been writing these blogs talking about what divers can do after they are certified but never wrote one on the actual certification process. This is actually starting to really puzzle me as the open water course is one of my favorites to teach. Certification starts first by signing up for a course, a list can be found here.

Once someone is signed up for a certification course the real fun begins. It starts in the classroom, yes there is an academic portion that needs to be completed. In the classroom, we teach a number of different things, whether it be what is happening to your body underwater, teaching what can happen if certain rules are not followed underwater, lectures on equipment and what you can do once you are certified. each night brings a new topic to the student.

Each classroom session is followed with a trip to the pool, the first night there are some minor swimming requirements (dont worry you dont have to be Micheal Phelps), then followed with an introduction to some basic equipment that will be used throughout the class. Each night the student learns new skills underwater, each night adding onto the previous.

Once the student completes the pool session and the academic section they have certification dives to complete. This involves going out with their instructor and showing that all skills that they have completed in the pool can now be completed in the open water. Once the student completes the required amount of dives they are then handed a certification card that says scuba diver on it.

As I said before this is one of my favorite courses to teach, if not my most favorite, the reason is that I am able to introduce so many new people into the wonderful world of diving.

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