The Value of Situational Awareness


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scuba situational awareness

Regardless of what sport or situation is being referred to, safety comes first. A scuba diver should always be safe while they are underwater because the sea is full of unidentified creatures that are poisonous, harmful or scary. Of course, the only way to be safe underwater, when you practically have no one to protect you but yourself, is by obtaining and strengthening your sense of situational awareness.

So what exactly is Situational Awareness for a Scuba Diver?

To explain the meaning of that, one has to know what it means to be “aware”. To be aware is to be alert; alert and attentive of everything around you, such as your scuba diving equipment, any or every diving buddy, life-support system, your training, your surroundings and more importantly, the situation.

For a scuba diver, situational awareness generally refers to the level of attentiveness your brain is experiencing. This is a skill that is taught to all students who take scuba diving lessons so that they know how to be prepared and protect themselves from whatever they are faced with underwater.

Depth Awareness

If you travel too deep under the sea and stay there for more time than you should, you are most likely to experience decompression. This is why all divers are given specific instructions as to the minimum and maximum depths they can travel to, as well as the limited amount of time they can spend there. Despite that, many divers forget to observe how deep they have traveled, mostly in awe of their surroundings, which results in the sufferance of decompression. Hence, it is important for scuba divers to be aware of their depth as well as their dive gear.

Location Awareness

On many occasions, scuba divers have gotten lost in the ocean due the lack of location awareness. The toughest part of getting lost in the ocean is finding your way back. There is no possible way to communicate with your fellow scuba divers so it is always a responsible decision to be aware of your location at all times.

The Environment Around You

It is necessary for you to keep an eye on the environment around you. That is what situational awareness is all about, making sure that you are aware of your surroundings regardless of where your mind travels. There are a lot of dangerous sea creatures and some awfully big fish, like sharks, whales, etc., that will not hesitate to gobble you up. It is you who has to make sure that they spare your life instead.

Air Supply & Equipment Awareness

A scuba diver should never forget, even for a second, about the amount of air supply they have left. It is the only reason why they are able to breathe under air. If you run out of air supply and do not take care of your equipment, you are most likely to be faced with unpredicted and startling situations. To avoid any such mishaps, always keep checking the amount of residual air supply as well as your scuba dive gear.

So there you have it! The value of situational awareness while scuba diving. Take these tips into account and keep a check on everything if you plan to go diving any time soon. Remember, safety comes first!

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