Similarities Between Martial Arts And Diving


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martial arts with fishes

Apparently, there seems to be no connection between diving and martial arts, but delve in a little deeper and you will come across so many similarities. Both diving and martial arts have plenty to share. Let’s take a closer look at the two of them.

Respect and Discipline

What is the first principle that is taught in martial arts? Respect – respect your instructor, respect your opponent, respect your fellow students, and everyone else. And along with respect, you also learn discipline and the art of conducting yourself. Deviate from the standards, and it will not be tolerated.

The same is the case with diving. You should respect your instructor, your fellow students and everyone else who is involved. You should maintain discipline and ensure that you do not disrupt the class in any way. And you should be disciplined when you prepare to dive because even one mistake can lead to serious consequences.

A Proper Flow

When you learn martial arts for the first time, you are told about basic kicks, stances, blocks, and strikes. The instructor then assembles these into a ‘form’ of ‘kata’, which is actually a fight with an imaginary opponent. Through the kata, you learn that you must flow smoothly from one skill into another, maintaining your balance while at it.

You practice the initial basic blocks for the first few weeks, and once you have a grip on them, you move onto more advanced concepts. Things proceed through a proper flow from easy to difficult.

And if you learn diving, your instructor will follow the same process. You will first have to learn to clear your mask. Initially, it might seem difficult, but after regular practice, you will be able to do it without any problem. And when you do, you will learn other things until you have mastered even the most advanced skills.

Regular Practice

When do you become a maestro in martial arts? When you grasp all the fundamentals, proceeding from the most basic to the most advanced concepts. Plus, you regularly practice, applying what you learn until you become an expert.

The practice is what it takes to succeed whether it is diving or martial arts. With diving, progress is made in pretty much the same way. You can master diving only after regularly practicing what is being taught in the class.

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