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Scuba Gear is what enables you to visit the magical subsurface realm and adapt to the underwater environment. The choice of your diving gear for the large part determines how safe and comfortable it will be for you to breathe move and see underwater. Whether you do technical or recreational diving, quality, functionality and good fit are three main considerations when picking out any piece of scuba equipment. However, that doesn’t mean that your gear can’t be aesthetically pleasing. A diversity of options on the market allows you to create a perfect color and style coordination to look good even on extreme depths.


The gear you use will vary depending on your diving environment, as well as your personal preferences. For example, when night diving it is recommended to carry light sticks, and for drift diving you should have a brightly colored float. Nevertheless, all diving supplies can be conditionally divided into basic dive equipment and major life-support gear, that you can purchase only once you have your c-card. The first group includes a mask, snorkel, fins, exposure protection and maybe some accessories. The second group encompasses your buoyancy compensator, regulator, octopus and dive computer or dive gauges. In addition to that you shouldn’t forget about signaling devices, as they are an important part of your safety gear. Some other scuba accessories include diving knives, dive lights, dive gloves, underwater communication equipment, photography gear, weights and weight belts, tank bangers, etc. You can learn more about each particular piece of equipment on the corresponding category page of our store or our knowledge base.

Dip ‘N Dive carries a full line of scuba gear for any type of diving you enjoy, including tropical diving, cold-water diving, technical diving and other. Choose the Regulator, Buoyancy Compensator, Octopus System, Dive Computer or Diving Gauges that will meet your needs precisely and make your dives as comfortable as possible. All of our products are of the highest quality and most affordable price. Whatever piece of equipment you’re looking for Dip ‘N Dive has it.