Diving Vacation: Your Time on Land


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As an avid scuba diver, you are having the time of your life on your diving vacation. You have spent numerous hours in the water - but what about your time outside of the water? Regardless of how many dives you've taken throughout your trip, it's always nice to spend some time onshore, exploring the different sites and restaurants. We at Dip 'N Dive have a few suggestions when it comes to taking a break from the water and enjoying your dry time.

  • If you have chosen to purchase a meal plan at the resort, dinner is usually at a set scheduled time. It is important to keep this in mind when it comes to returning from a scuba dive. You want to allow yourself enough time to rest and get ready.
  • Do not be afraid to take a day off. Yes, you are at a diving resort and want to utilize your time in the water, but you are also on vacation. It is not unusual for divers to take a day off to relax and enjoy the day. This could be your only time in the area, and sometimes it's nice to get out and explore, instead of spending all of every day within the water. Site seeing is a great way to get out. If you are diving every day, the only sites you're really seeing besides the water is your room and the local dive center with a dive store. Go out and see the local landmarks.
  • Many resorts offer other recreational options as well. Don't be surprised to see tennis courts, volleyball areas, swimming pools, and hot tubs. You can find great relaxation in spending a little time pursuing another sport, or just lounging in the hot tub. Keep in mind however, you do not want to do any strenuous outside activities. After a day of diving, the last thing your body needs is to be overworked. That being said, don't be afraid to walk around or participate in light games.
  • Something else that is important to remember while on your diving vacation, is to limit the amount of alcohol you consume. We all like to have a cocktail here and there, especially while on vacation. Diving vacations, however, have a different effect on your body than just a regular beach vacation. Too much alcohol consumption can lead to decompression sickness. Be sure to control how much you drink. It's okay to have a drink here and there, but too much can make for an unpleasant experience.
We hope that you are prepared to take that diving vacation that you have always dreamed of. It is okay to spend a little time out of the water. If you keep these few tips in mind while planning your time at the resort, you can rest easy. Remember, you are on vacation, it is your time to explore the water and world, and to do whatever you want! Enjoy.

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