Buy Best Freediving and Spearfishing Equipment Online

style="text-align: justify;">Freediving and Spearfishing have been known to humanity for millennia already, however, during the recent years, both started gaining popularity as extreme sports. Although breath-hold diving is by far not as gear-intensive as scuba, the proper equipment will help you improve your skills and master the sport faster. Another thing necessary to remember is that high-quality gear is essential to your safety when it comes to spearfishing. Consider the conditions and the game you are aiming at to select the right equipment. Dip ‘N Dive offers an array of different Spearguns, Shafts, and Spear Points, as well as Spearfishing and Freediving Wetsuits, Masks, Snorkels and Accessories for a thrilling and safe experience.


If you really become passionate about spearfishing, it is likely that you’ll want to get more gear that is specialized for certain fish and conditions. However, you will only need a few items to get started with spearfishing.

First and foremost, you need to choose a speargun. If you are new to the sport, it is recommended that you get a smaller and simpler gun, for example, a two-band, 90-centimeter (measured from the tip of the muzzle to the handle) wooden one. As you gain more experience and start hunting bigger fish, you can upgrade to a more powerful speargun. You can also try using Hawaiian slings, or pole spears. These affordable instruments are ideal for hunting in shallow waters, where most beginners normally start.

A durable, well-fitting wetsuit is also a must for every spearfisherman. It will keep you warm and protect your skin from abrasive reef, jellyfish, spiny fish and sunburn. It is advisable to buy a wetsuit designed specifically for spearfishing, as many of them have a built-in pad that makes loading your speargun against your chest much more comfortable.

Spearfishing fins need to be long and flexible, just like the normal freediving ones. What may sometimes distinguish them is a camouflage pattern on the blade.

You will also need to choose a mask and snorkel. Some characteristics of a good spearfishing mask include low volume, good fit, tempered glass, and easily adjustable strap. It is not recommended to buy a mask with a purge valve, as it may break or cause difficulties with ear equalization. As for the snorkel, it is best to go for a simple, J-shaped model with no purge valves or splash guards.

Finally, to compensate for the buoyancy of a wetsuit, you will need to wear a weight belt. Rubber belts with a quick-release buckle are a preferred option among freedivers and spearfishermen alike.

As for the additional accessories, consider buying a small knife with a sharp tip as well as a pair of gloves and dive booties if you will be spearing in colder waters.